Access Tonnosport 14+ Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 6ft 6in Bed Roll-Up Cover

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 22020329

سعر البيع SR1,485.95 السعر العادي SR1,751.27
فقط 2 وحدة متبقية


The TONNOSPORT(R) Roll-Up Cover gives you a sleek, low profile look at a great low price. Sleek, affordable and durable, the TONNOSPORT(R) Roll-Up Cover sits only 1/2" above the truck bed and comes with high quality, economical components. The cover gives your truck a smooth, streamlined look while providing you with gas mileage savings and protection for your cargo. The TONNOSPORT(R) Roll-Up Cover fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget.
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