Aeromotive Replacement 10 Micron Fabric Element (for 12301/12306/12321 Filter Assembly)

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 12601

سعر البيع SR105.95
فقط 7 وحدة متبقية


Recommended for applications burning pump gas, racing gas, diesel fuel, jet fuel, av-gas, etc. Not recommended for alcohol fuels including ethanol and methanol. Over 60-sq. inches of element surface area supports high flow while providing good service life. Flow capacity of up to 250 GPH (4.17 GPM) with less than 1-PSI pressure drop. Supports up to 2,000 Flywheel HP, Forced Induction, on gasoline. Ideal for gasolin e, EFI engines with small to medium Aeromotive fuel pumps from the Phantom 200 through the Eliminator pump. Popular for demanding gasoline, carbureted engine applications using Aeromotive HO-Series, SS-Series and A2000 fuel pumps.

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