aFe Momentum GT Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System 2017 Honda Civic Type R L4-2.0L (t)

  • Manufacturer Part Number: TM-1025B-R

سعر البيع SR1,468.95
فقط 11 وحدة متبقية


Get more usable power out of your FK8 Type R! The Takeda Momentum Pro 5R Cold Air Intake outflows the factory intake, while allowing the car to breathe and perform to its greatest potential. This intake utilizes both the factory seal and air scoop, but offers a larger intake opening and filter. The Pro 5R filter consists of an oiled 5-layer mesh cotton gauze media for maximum performance and filtration. The Pro 5R maintains a 98.6% efficiency rating, allowing high air flow and optimal performance even when dirty.

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