AWE Tuning 2015+ Dodge Challenger 6.4L/6.2L Non-Resonated Touring Edition Exhaust - Quad Black Tips

  • Manufacturer Part Number: 3020-43082

سعر البيع SR8,136.95
فقط 4 وحدة متبقية


Rage. Amplified. Presenting The Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet™ for the ‘15+ Dodge Challenger 392/Hellcat: The Touring Edition is a full 3” straight-through stainless steel Catback configuration capable of delivering optimal power while remaining drone-free throughout the entire rev range. Featuring a precision-engineered H-pipe and AWE’s patented drone-canceling solution, 180 Technology®, the Touring Edition delivers deep, rich exhaust notes that coax you to redline. Catering to the feigns of big power, the Touring Edition features engineered provisions to accommodate larger, high performance driveshafts and differentials.

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