KYB Shocks & Struts Strut Mounts Front FORD Crown Victoria 2003-10 FORD Grand Marquis 2003-06 FORD M

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SM5392

سعر البيع SR68.95 السعر العادي SR83.21
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KYB Strut Mounts eliminate the vibration and noise caused by old, hardened vibration insulators. They optimize suspension performance by offering OE quality replacement components designed for each application. KYB Strut Mounts cushion the impacts from road bumps to reduce the jarring effect, noise and vibration that old mounts transmit into the vehicle. Front bearing plates are the steering pivots and support vehicle weight. They are critical to steering performance and wheel alignment. KYB Strut Mounts and bearing plates have a reputation for providing the highest quality in the industry.

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